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Announcement of Direct Admission (Second Round)
B.Eng. in Software Engineering
Academic Year 2012
The International College, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, would like to announce the direct admission (second round) by submission of academic records and interview for entry to the Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering program in academic year 2012. Application and selection criteria are as follows:
1. Applicant Qualifications
The applicant's qualifications are required to meet the requirements specified in section 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 below. The applicant is advised to contact the International College if the applicant is not certain whether his/her qualifications are eligible.
  • 1.1 General academic requirements
  • 1.2 Requirements on academic record
  • 1.3 English-language requirements
2. Numbers of Acceptances
Total acceptances are 10 students. The International College may accept a lower number of students if there are insufficient qualified applicants.
3. Admission Procedure
1) Application filing period
The applicant submits his/her application and supporting documents by postal mail (see below for detail).
13 March 2012 -
27 April 2012
2) Announcement of the interview shortlist
The admission committee will select the applicants who are qualified for interview based on the applicants' academic records as specified by the applicants' applications and submitted documents. The list of qualified applicants for interview will be announced onwww.reg.kmitl.ac.th and www.ic.kmitl.ac.th/se.
4 May 2012
3) Interview
The interview will be held at the International College.
11 May 2012
4) Announcement of the accepted applicants
The list of successful applicants will be announced on www.reg.kmitl.ac.th and www.ic.kmitl.ac.th/se. The decision made by the admission committee is final.
15 May 2012
5) Enrollment and payment
Admitted applicants are required to enroll as new students in the program and pay the tuition fee during the specified period. The detail of the enrollment process will be announced on www.reg.kmitl.ac.th and www.ic.kmitl.ac.th/se.
31 May 2012 (tentative)
6) Start of Semester 1/2012
Please note that the International College has shifted the start date of the new academic year to 6 August 2012.
6 August 2012 (tentative)
4. Submission of Application and Supporting Documents
  • 4.1 Application and supporting documents
  • 4.2 How to apply
5. Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is 67,000 THB per semester. This fee does not cover optional extra overseas training.
6. Contact
For all enquiries regarding the admission and applications, please contact the International College by phone at 02-329-8261 or 02-329-8262 or by email at ic@kmitl.ac.th. The applicant is advised to follow the news and announcements regarding the admission on the website www.ic.kmitl.ac.th/se
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